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 DATING TIPS  Welcome  to  The Executive Club of St James's  -  the professional matchmakers. We were established  by our

present owner Alun Jenkins in 1985.. For 30 years,  we have a set the standards tothers can only aspire to meet  No other  matchmaker for

professionals  maintains and guarantees such standards, in writing of course  and with MONEY BACK GUARANTEES.


Our personal  Introduction agency was featured in 2001 in  a six week series on BBC TV called The Matchmaker.  We cater for 
 YOUNGER PROFESSIONALS, Ladies  aged 24 to 49 MAX to dress size 12, well spoken, classy, educated, feminine,
successful and cultured   Ladies aged over 43 are advised to see read a singles organisation with regular
London social events for the over 40's

Gentlemen if within 3 weeks of joining you do not meet at least two of the most attracive classiest dates of your life, just call us and we'll

refund all your membership fee. Men however  need to  be at least 5ft 6ins tall,  have a professional occupation or own their own

substantial business and be well spoken.. In addition they must be strong, caring, sensitive to a women’s needs AND at a stage in their life

where they are seriously  looking for COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP.   We will recommend another introduction agency  to people not

suitable for our service. We decline people who are   mean  (we really do turn away millionaires if they are mean), pretentious ,   have poor

manners,  or  are insensitive to other people,  physically unattractive, uncaring  people, - starchy, insensitive, too formal - such as some

single sex  public boarding school people who never had proper parental bonding and are cold, starchy  and too formal,  people  playing

the field - not actively looking/ready to settle down or looking  to exploit someone’s wealth and/or lifestyle.   unpleasant personalities cold,

agressive, shifty, weak,  dishonest, cheats, liars, looking for a meal ticket or a passport to UK residency, lacking in cultural depth, still

attached emotionally  - whether still in love with the ex partner or his Mother. To be a member WE MUST BE PROUD OF YOU.  We are

unique in being the only professional dating agency having a money refund guarantee whereby we will refund membership fees within

the first four  weeks of joining. FOR ANY REASON, hense If a member meets you and is not impressed, you would cost us fortune in

refunds, and even more more importantly  could affect our reputation built up over 24 years resulting in around 50% of new members

joining through  the personal recommendation of ex members.   For full details of our professional introduction agency The Executive

Club of St James’s see






LEARN TO FLIRT  £225  (2.5 hours). This course empowers you to attract men to date you, beit in a coffee shop, internet or speed dating or indeed anywhere you interface with men. See Clients commens at

Learn to select and apply makeup for by a top makeup artist. £125 ( 2.5 hours). 

200 Photo,  photo shoot  on  cd with FULL COPYRIGHT  £145 (1.5hours)

Flirt training and photo shoot on same day £295  (4 hours)

Style consultant personal shopper £425 4 hours.

Flirt training, makeup training and photo shoot on same day £375 ( 6 hours)

Whole day training,  understanding the male mind and his hormones, Flirt training, make up training, photo shoot and realtionship

training /advice, when to  introduce sex etc. 5 hours £345,  8 hours  £575  (8.5 hours inclusive of  working  lunch and coffee breaks).


Share with  a  training session with a friend   just 50% of the above fees  for the two of you and the course may need to be

extended by one hour.


 call 0207 930 5555 for details or e:mail to


What women really want from her man, how to find her, attract her and keep her, and make you  one of luckiest guys on the planet  £225 2.5 hrs or  £295  ( 4 hours)

 Updated  for  December 2016 

 TOP DATING TIPS ALWAYS  CALL SEVERAL  AGENCIES ( at least two)  before making an appointment to visit them. Ask

how much will it cost to join, how many dates are you likely to receive and what happens if you only receive 5 or less introductions in a

whole  year? 

Ask for copy of their contract BEFORE attending any interview and read it . Some agencies charge thousands of pounds and guarantee just
2 introductions before your membership ends.  Indeed one agency only guaranteed one date  in six months for  £12,000.  A good agency will
seriously improve your chances of meeting your partner,  a poor one will leave your bank account depleated  with just a few poor quallity

 Would you like to be trained how to choose and apply makeup by an expert? call Lana on 07940402746





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